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Since adwords destroyed all chances of a fair listing on search engines, more and more people are paying for traffic. It's too expensive, but google make their $Billions all the same.

Nobody likes to lose money right?

That's why now, webmasters constantly check their webstats. They want to see who is referring visitors to their website. They are curious as to who is linking to them and always click the referrer links in their stats pages.  They are an untapped market.

 Well guess what?

Just released is a new Desktop Program that trawls the internet and creates a CLICKABLE Referrer Link in a site's webstats. You'll be putting a link to your website on the most viewed page of other people's website.....their stats page.

Webmasters, site owners, affiliate marketers and everyone else with a website constantly checks their stats to see how much traffic they are receiving and WHERE it's coming from....... Don't you?

MagicTrafficBot is able to Customise the referrer link to appear to come from any website or any webpage you choose.  Just imagine all the intrigued webmasters all clicking on your website.



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Our "Pre-Launch Test" AMAZED even us!

You will love this story

1. We created a "testpage" and called it "BEWARE-THIS-SITE.html"

2. Then we sent the MagicTrafficBot™ to do it's stuff, Searching & Pinging thousands of targeted websites per hour.

Within days we had curious webmasters flooding in, thinking there is a webpage talking badly about their site and service.

The Best part.

Look at the screenshot of the Referrer page they got to see.


With such a powerful referrer page, the webmasters knew immediately just how effective this software really is.

Before long, the same webmasters began emailing us begging to buy this software.

Remember, this was BEFORE it was even launched.


Imagine it yourself...

This groundbreaking & powerful program flooding traffic to your websites.....

One thing you can be sure of....This will be the best marketing program released this year.


Compatible with:  win 95 / win 98 / win 2000 / win XP

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Compatible with:  win 95 / win 98 / win 2000 / win XP / win Vista

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